The Alpha Spine Center is a place of restored hope for people that have given up hope. We are able to do this through a little known procedure called NUCCA Care.

Many people that come to see us have tried many other healthcare practitioners for their health conditions, from traditional medicine to alternative treatments, only to find their way at our doorstep.

We accept only those people who qualify for NUCCA care. Look through our website to determine if we might be the right place of healing for you.

We are proven. We are gentle.
Most of all, we care.

What is NUCCA care? How does it work?

NUCCA is an acronym which stands for the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association and is a highly specialized chiropractic procedure that focuses on the correction of spinal mis-alignment. Learn more

The Alpha Spine Center

Dr. Bryan Salminen has been diagnosing and treating a wide variety of ailments of the spine for over twelve years. Providing gentle corrective treatments that encourages quick recovery. Learn more

Welcome new patients!

Whether this is your first visited the Alpha Spine Center, or your first NUCCA chiropractic experience, we want you to feel comfortable and know that our treatments are safe, gentle and effective. Learn more
"Help people achieve a well-balanced life by providing Gentle Proven Care." - The Alpha Spine Center Mission